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What hairstyles for which dresses are suitable?

How to choose a hairstyle for a wedding dress The image of the bride - one of the most important points of wedding preparation. Most often, the original bride buys a dress, and then begins to think about what hairstyle and makeup to choose for the wedding day.

5 ways to get rid of gray hair

How to get rid of gray hair without dyeing: 5 ways Gray hair or premature graying of hair may be associated with age, but they may be due to other factors.

Hair Care

How to deal with split ends It is no secret that the beauty of hair is a trick of any girl and woman. The condition of your hair depends on how you look, also the beauty of hair is a sign of the beauty and health of your body.

Choosing a haircut for - diamond - face

Hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face: photo and recommendations A diamond-shaped face is also called a diamond. Of course, in this case it is much more pleasant to draw a parallel with the jewel than with some diamond.

How to properly care for hair after Botox?

Hair care after Botox - how to preserve the effect for a long time The modern beauty industry has prepared several effective methods in the struggle for silky hair flowing with a healthy shine. One of the most popular procedures is Botox.

How to get rid of lice on the eyelashes

Lice on the eyelashes and eyebrows: the causes of appearance, how to get rid of? The mere thought of lice leads to stupor and causes disgust. This is a rather unpleasant disease that can befall everyone.